Hang On~~~

Sorry to keep u guys waiting..but there's a problem with the stocks. My supplier couldn't make it on time. So u gotta wait just a little bit longer.. sikit je lagi k?

Those subscribed to our newsletter, we thank you. Promise u gonna get the 1st hand info on our update :)

Oo..just wanna share with u guys sikit. I was browsing through all the blogshops
(yes, i too do blogshopping for my own pleasure.hehe), I stumbled upon this particular blogshop..which coincidently (really??) got the same blogname as mine. Ok owwhhh..sangat kuat jodohnye ni.hehe

Well, just to let u know this and so u don't get confuse between the 2 of us ya.
They also sell cotton fabric, feel free to browse. (opss..did i just gv them a free promo??) But pls don't forget us here. Of course WE LOVE YOU MORE. heeee. XOXO

That's all. Daaa~


Cotton Syndrome Freak said...

OMG i just realized that we have almost the same name! but dont worry, theres a world ahead of us hehe good luck. alamak bagi i free promo laks. i'll link u later k :)
take care and good luck

p/s love ur item laaa!

nurnuha said...

how come boleh dapat wat nama sama ek? supposedly blogger wont let u use the same name kan?pelik gakk ni..

Sa'adah said...

ya ler pelik rasanya leh sama nama pulak. takpelah rezeki masing2, moga Allah permudahkan segala urusan anak ibu dan dilmurahkan rezeki, insyaAllah. cayoo2 kakngah...hehe

cottonsyndrome said...

CSF, wishing u all the same :)

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