Batch 8 you go! new collection of cotton...weeeeeeeee~ only 10 of them,so grab fast :D

material : tebal sikit dari voile and x jarang sangat.
measurement : 60" x 4meter (can fit those with XL size)
price : RM120




sold to shark


sold to masz

sold to dayah




wrinkled cotton scarf batch 2 (SOLD OUT)

hey dear..semua dah sold out/fully reserved... but cheer up! coz we'll try try to restock in 2-3weeks time. so do wait for our update. can email me in advance if u dont wanna miss our email updates. can email to

wud also like to hear your comment on the scarf. and maybe ur favourite colour so we can update our collection to suit ur taste :). drop us a comment here, we'll be happy to hear from u.

also look out for our update on new cotton collections (proly by this weekend).

till then...have a nice weekend.tomorrow's friday!yeayyy~

p/s : [tq to all buyer. ur item will be post tomorrow]

Wrinkled cotton Scarf - Batch 2!!

Restocked!!Restocked!!with more colour choices *wink*
They are 2 different sizes, different colour and...different prices.hehe
of coz as mentioned before, these scarves/shawls are made from high quality cotton material, easy to wear, sweat absorbent, etc..etc..u can refer to previous entry on how to wear and how will it look like when it is put on. weeeee~

so they are 2 sizes as below:

1. small (wss) size = 65" x 21" price = RM30
2. big (wsb)
size = 76" x 21" price = RM35

for quick response/booking, pls sms me ya. hope to hear from u soon~

SMALL wrinkled cotton scarf

1. sold to elly
2. sold to syara

sold to choo

sold to elly

BIG wrinkled cotton scarf

1. sold to lydia
2. sold to azreen

1. sold to syara
2. sold to Ya

1. sold to choo
2. sold to aisyah

Wrinkled cotton scarf - SOLD OUT

we will restock more of these in few weeks. there will be more colour to choose from. if u want to be the 1st to take a peek, email me 1st so that i can include you in our update mailing list.



Ahhhh~ its been long since we did the last update. and now we have a "new suprise" for our dearest customer (and customer to be.hehe). keep scrolling down :)

What are these?????'s a SCARF!!!
this a new add up to CottonSyndrome collection. For a start, we will launch 2 colours first with a PROMO price..weeeee~ so hurry up before its gone :)

Our wrinkled cotton scarf is a "must-have" bcoz :
1. stretchy - senang nak bentuk
2. heavy - bile pakai terletak je even x pin kt ats
3. wrinkled is the look - no ironing needed. senang nak bwk travel. sgt useful. believe me!
4. pricey? - absolutely not! can find 1 in stores with way more pricey.

item : WCS1-
turqoise, WCS 2- soft pink
material : cotton jersey
size : approx 19.5" x 60"
price : RM25 (promo price only)
status : both sold

Check out how to wear :)
Wrinkled style 1:
pakai dgn inner syria comel2 yg bcorak..seswai sgt dgn scarf yg plain.

Wrinkled style 2:
pakai dgn inner bese pon bole. sopan dan ayu je.
*kaler ini kelihatan sgt suci :) *

p/s : tq kpd model sukarelawati ini :)

Wrinkled style 3:
mau bergaya spt artis??just look how stylish yuna look with the cotton scarf.
we just love her style!

Wrinkled style 4:
kalau x nak pakai as headscarf/shawl, can also use it as accessories to complete your look.
wrap it around your neck and you got yourself a cooler look.
*kalau sejuk, nak wat selimut pun agak bergune juge.hehe*

p/s: pic from style 3 and 4 are courtesy from other source.pinjam ye?

as usual, to order can email at
or sms us at 016-3374422 (for quicker response)

ok.itu saje~