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Wrinkled Cotton Scarf - Batch 3

The most anticipated, much awaited scarf...chewahhh...sorry ye lambat sikit nak restock scarf2 ni..these past few weekends bz sgt......but worry no more, here there are!!!

Item : wrinkled cotton scarf
size : approx 65" x 21"
price : rm30

p/s : for style reference/how to wear, click here :)

We hv 2 pieces of each colour. better grab it fast.hehe
U know the drill. email or sms me for quick response.tq~

item : w1 (fuschia pink)
status :
1. sold to zie
2. sold to refidah
item : w2 (sapphire blue)
status :
1. sold to azie
2. sold to adeera

item : w3 (creamy white)
status :
1. sold to azie
2. sold to faridah

item : w4 (pinky pink)
status :
1. sold to azie
2. sold to masturah

item : w5 (dark grey)
status :
1. sold to athirah
2. sold to saffawati
item : w6 (mustard yellow)
status :
1. sold to najmin
2. sold to Alyaa

item : w7 (lavender purple )
status :
1. sold to azie
2. sold to najmin